EdMICU was developed as a follow up to our popular EdMIC Series (Educational Moving Ideas Conference) with the mission of bringing meaningful strategies for educational leadership in urban schools, directly to those who need them. Through working with a diverse group of educational experts, we've developed a variety of tools and services to help address the various issues today's urban school leaders face. 


Our main services we offer are:






Certificate Courses

Our certificate courses offer in-depth knowledge and practical application strategies for topics. They are offered completely online, and give educational leaders the freedom to learn and develop on their own time, in the comfort of their own homes. Typically each certificate is offered for a duration of 6-8 weeks, and includes lecture videos, discussion board questions, and checking for understanding assignments to ensure the material is learned and applied. A student can expect to dedicate about 15-20 hours of work towards a typical certificate. Most courses also ask that the participant be employed in a setting where they can apply their knowledge. To see a list of available certificates, check out our course catalog.  

Successfully completing a family of Certificate Courses will earn you a MICRO CREDENTIAL in that particular discipline. Display your earned MICRO CREDENTIAL badges on your resume, LinkedIn, personal website, or other professional portfolio sites. 



Digital Workshops

As professionals in education, we are required to attend conferences. Often at the expense of our school or district, or sometimes our own pockets. Our digital workshops provide the opportunity for participants to learn knowledge and skills they would typically gain from a breakout session or workshop at a physical conference, through an online setting. Each workshop consists of anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes of lectures followed by an activity to show practice applying the material, for a total of about 3-4 hours. These modes of learning are much shorter than certificates and can typically be accomplished easily within a day. For a list of our current Digital Workshops and information on how to register for them, check out the course catalog.


Face-to-Face Training

EdMICU also offers the option to reserve educational consultants for physical visitations. Many of our course designers, developers, and educational consultants are available to provide custom training and feedback through one-on-one trainings and physical workshops for groups of staff and faculty members. Each of our consultant has spent decades in their respective fields of expertise, and will help you craft a custom plan of action and implementation strategy to ensure your desired goals are met. These visitations are much more intensive than our online courses, and typically require a follow up visit to ensure the material learned is properly applied. To view a list of our consultants and their areas of expertise, click here.