Growing with EdMICU

All of us have to find ways to grow personally and professionally. In our lives, we find ways to do more work, but less for ourselves. EdMICU is an innovative way for you to grow. We now offer a menu of services available to meet your individual and collective needs as educational leader.


Our Mission

EdMICU is committed to offering superior professional development and training to urban school principals, administrators, and Teachers. We are committed to offering a tailored, customized approach in developing online modules and resources in areas that are relevant to urban school leaders. 


EdMICU Promise

We promise to provide only the most relevant, meaningful content to principals, administrators, and teachers in the most clear and convenient ways possible. We're constantly adding new content and improving our existing courses, certificates, etc, so if you feel that you or others would benefit in some way by something we are (or are not) doing, shoot us a message!

We promise we'll read it. 


How can EdMICU help you? 

EdMICU was developed as a follow up to our popular EdMIC Series (Educational Moving Ideas Conference) with the mission of bringing meaningful strategies for educational leadership in urban schools, directly to those who need them. Through working with a diverse group of educational experts, EdMICU has evolved into a variety of tools and services that address various issues today's urban school leaders face. 


The core of EdMICU's main offerings are:


Badge Learning

Certificate Courses 

Digital Workshops

Face-to-Face Training


For descriptions of each service and their respective components, check out our Services Page or our Course Catalog.