Free Course Enrollment 

ISLI Principals and Leadership team members are eligible for free enrollment in EdMICU courses and digital workshops. To enroll, simply select the course you wish to register for, fill out the form with your personal information and school site, and register by following the steps emailed to you by the EdMICU team. Please note that course availability will change throughout the year. 

To find out if your school is an ISLI School, refer to our current ISLI School list here


Free On-Site Training

ISLI Schools are eligible to receive free, on-site visitations and training from our EdMICU consultants to directly develop staff and faculty members. Visitations include guided development sessions, strategies for applying the skills learned, and feedback on the material implementation post visitation. 

To schedule an EdMICU consultant, reference the list of available partners here and contact the EdMICU team to set up an available time. 


Stipends for Participation

For successfully completing courses and training sessions, ISLI School Principles, Leadership Team members, and Institutions are eligible to receive stipends. Not only are EdMICU services free to ISLI Schools, but they receive payment for completion. Win, win!

For information on how participation and completion earns a stipend, browse through the different pathways ISLI fellows can choose from here