What are Digital Workshops?

As professionals in education, we are required to attend conferences. Often at the expense of our school or district, or sometimes our own pockets. Our digital workshops provide the opportunity for participants to learn knowledge and skills they would typically gain from a breakout session or workshop at a physical conference, through an online setting. Each workshop consists of anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes of lectures followed by an activity to show practice applying the material. These modes of learning are much shorter than certificates and can typically be accomplished easily within a day. For a list of our current Digital Workshops, simply scroll down and explore below. 


Design Thinking

Crafted in conjunction with the Stanford University D.School, this workshop will show you how students and educators are using design thinking to problem solve meaningful issues. You'll learn about the D.School itself, the design thinking methodology, learn from students about how they're using design thinking, and engage in a design thinking activity to cement your learning and expand your capacity for innovation. 

Hacking Leadership