Quick solutions for those brave enough to ask questions

In order to thrive we must adapt, grow and learn. Our personal and professional development is not optional, but imperative if we are to have lives that are fulfilled. At EdMICU we provide opportunities for learning that are current, collaborative and customized. In this section we have digital workshops, digital conferences and micro-credential modules. From our resources section we have Gotta Minute short learning videos, How to's and personal reflections. In one area you can expand what you know, interact with others, and gain practical and transformation skills for your personal and professional roles.


Got a Minute?

Need a quick refresher on a particular topic? These video series address common concerns and issues at typical urban school sites. These segments are designed for those with only a minute or two to spare! 


Digital Workshops

Mini workshops designed as a crash course into particular topics.


Video Resource Library

Explore our expansive video resource library for examples and training videos on any and all topics related to school leadership.