ISLI provides each participating school with a Coach who acts as a leadership mentor for the school and Leadership Team. The ISLI Coach is an expert in the field of leadership, as they are former principals with many years of experience as administrators, and are sometimes also teachers of the School Leadership Program. The ISLI Coach uses current research to develop and help the school implement a leadership plan that aims to bring the school into the best leadership practices. The ISLI Coach can also help principals and team members solve complex administrative issues that may arise at the school site. 

Antonia Issa Lahera

  • ArTes Magnet
  • Social Justice Humanitas Academy
  • Contreras Learning Complex - School of Social Justice
  • Green Dot Animo Locke
  • New Millennium Secondary School
  • Roosevelt High School
  • Santee Education Complex

Stefanie Holzman

  • Alliance Simon Technology Academy
  • Alliance Tennenbaum Family Technology High School
  • APEX Academy
  • Discovery Preparatory Charter High School
  • Jordan High School

Roberta Benjamin

  • Alliance Renee & Meyer Luskin Academy HS
  • Los Angeles High School
  • View Park High School
  • West Adams Preparatory High School

Lorraine Griego

Lorraine Griego
  • Academia Avance
  • Compton Youth Build
  • Diego Rivera - Green Design Community School 
  • Diego Rivera - Public Service Community School
  • Diego Rivera - Communication and Technology School
  • International Studies Learning Center

Audrey Tieger

  • Community Health Advocates School @ Augustus F. Hawkins High School
  • East LA Performing Arts Magnet
  • East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy
  • Highland Park HS
  • Los Angeles River School