We provide learning experiences for engaged educators. We are a collective with humanism at our core. We believe that our work and lives make a difference. 

What We Do

Using leadership as our framework, we provide tools, resources and learning experiences.  We help educators grow their mindsets and skillsets as they work on being the best version of themselves.  Our goal is for our collaborators to improve the world by word and deed.



We commit to our ability to transform the world.  An engine inside of us fuels and drives us to continue to research, design and collaborate as we forge new terrain and discover new ways for approaching challenges. 


How We Do IT

Through innovation, activism and practice we develop leadership and impact systems for good.  We continue to create materials to help grow leadership everywhere.


Who We Are

We are a community that continues to grow.  Founding members include: Former School Leaders, Educations, Graphic Designers, Digital Media Producers, Entrepreneurs, Consultants,  

10 Tenets

We Develop Leaders with dispositions and mindsets of the heart and mind that are:

1.     Culturally, ethically, inclusively communicatively intelligent

2.     Unwavering advocates for the learning for all

3.     Courageous champions of equity

4.     Humanistic systems thinkers

5.     Curious, humble generative leaders

6.     Hackers of systems

7.     Navigators of the ecotone

8.     Self-actualized in a culture of adaptivity

9.     Aware of their own immunities, bias, triggers, and growth points and how to mitigate

10.  Authentically empathetic

We strive to impact educators, students and the communities they serve.  This means we hope to impact everyone whose path we cross.

Ways to get Involved

Reach out to us, attend our book clubs and open forums, interact with us on social media and

We continue to add to the resources we make available on our website.  We want folks to continue to refine and extend what we do – and let us know what you discover. In addition we provide development in the forms of:

Certificates – 20-30 hour digital modules on topics of high interest and need.

Micro Credentials – These modules are shorter and bundled around topics that are innovative, closely tied to restorative and social justice issues and result in the issuance of a micro-credential.