My school's got issues... 

One reality we as school leaders face is that no school is perfect. Most (if not all) of our schools have immense barriers that prevent us from being as high functioning as we would hope. These issues may seem daunting and insurmountable, having no foreseeable or realistic solutions. Conversely, they might seem trivial or comical, with potential solutions being so obvious that you bang your head against the wall wondering why they haven't been implemented already. 


It may seem obvious, but the first step toward fixing an issue is identifying it. Once you identify an issue, you legitimize it. You give it validation and acknowledge that yes, this issue is real, and no, we can't ignore it. 


One of the most meaningful things you will be doing in the SLP and CASLA programs is the Field Based Project. You, as a school leader, will be identifying a major problem at your school site, creating a strategy to fix it, putting that plan into action, and reporting your outcomes. To better prepare you for starting your Field Based Projects, complete the form to the right and identify some issues at your school site. Address what you believe to be the biggest issues, and identify what issues you feel are the easiest to address and fix. 

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